The lure flies through the sky, dropsslowly, barely breakingthe surface,as the water openslike a lover’s mouth. The circlecloses, creating a small ripple,a welcomed wrinkle.The water takes back its tongue.Behind the trees, the sun stripsbelow the horizon, leavingbehind her blue background,for slips of gold and auburn.Because I have noticed the light, the water,I have held the… Continue Reading →

Terminal Burrowing

But he was not buried in MinneapolisAt least.And no more may I bePlease God.~ James Wright Handsome Sven’s on the TV, jabbering about the weather. He says it’s been the coldest winter in decades, but I don’t need a meteorologist to tell me that. All I have to do is look outside my window: You’ve… Continue Reading →

For the Sake of Dogs

I. When my sister over- dosed and nearly died, her golden retriever was curled up next to her in bed; the other retriever too, the old deaf and blind one, lay sprawled out—guarding her bedroom door. When the medics arrived to take her away, the dogs wouldn’t move—not even for a biscuit. II. My mother… Continue Reading →

One Thing, Beautiful, Every Day

Not the cruel winter wind that slaps the cheek. Not the icy sidewalk, that tries to break us. During these grave days, even when the sun is bright, it offers little heat. It is late afternoon, and twenty-below. My mother has been through many hard deaths, she has every right to be bitter. Instead, she… Continue Reading →

Little Pigeon River

This river ain’t crooked, but she sure ain’t straight She sings the songs of broken banjos and forgotten fields. She sings for poor mountain people kicked out of their homes She sings the song of the Cherokee, carries their blood downstream She sings Jesus our savior will protect you, and more. She sings over rocks,… Continue Reading →