Photo credit, Nolan Harris.

Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my website. I’m a native Minnesotan (minus ten years in California, and ten years in Texas), and I’ve now wandered over to Asheville, North Carolina to call these Blue Ridge Mountains home. I’ve been an emergency room and/or ICU nurse for over thirty years, with fourteen of those years as a flight nurse. I’m a fifty-something, ex-adrenaline-junkie, nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, animal lover, hiker, fisher-woman, poet, (not in any order).

My work is rooted in the landscapes of farm fields, northern lakes, and now, these beautiful mountains. I’ve written a great deal about trauma and grief, from both a professional, and personal perspective. Poetry is where I’ve turned to, in the darkness and the light. Poetry, with it’s brevity, intensity, and beauty has been a powerful tool in my journey of healing and enrichment. In this crazy, on-line world we are inundated with information, and yet many of us feel more disconnected than ever. I hope my poetry and blog make a connection with you.

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